Monday, July 28, 2008


Well I am back after a crazy weekend.

The craziness all really began on Saturday.

While on my way to breakfast, the ex-fiancĂ© decided to send me a couple of text messages, I am not sure when he will come to realize that my lack of response to him, is because I don’t want to stay in touch. He was texting me to see if I would be at the Brew Fest, which I was going to be, but I had no desire to respond to him. I love “delete”!.

After breakfast, Ryan and I had to go our separate ways, I was looking at my blackberry reading the post over at the pub, and wasn’t really watching where I was going. I ended up walking into the middle of a group of pigeons… I have a terrible bird phobia. I felt as if someone had shot me with some adrenaline, my heart was going boom boom boom boom boom. I then popped into the grocery store to get some sun-screen (it was a gorgeous day – I love summer). On my way out of the store, a homeless lady started to tell me her story. I didn’t really want to give her any money, but as I was right outside the store, I offered to buy her some food. I expected that she’d want a sandwich or something along those lines, but nope – she wanted a peach. So peaches I bought.

I then headed to meet my friends and make our way to the Brew Fest. We stopped by the Saturday market on the way, as the festival began later than we imagined. We were able to kill sometime before the drinking would begin. A couple of years ago my friend and I had volunteered at the festival, and we had lots of beer tokens left over. This pretty much meant, that once we paid the $5 for the mug, the rest was free. I normally don’t drink much beer as it has a tendency to make my allergies flare up… but not this day.

I started off with a blue frog, it was ever so tasty. I don’t really remember the names of much else that I drank, there was a surfers summer ale, and a raspberry wheat, but I have no idea what else. But we made our way through several beers, and I don’t think there was a bad one in the bunch. Needless to say, we got merry, rather quickly. The sun helped us out with that. At about 4 we left the beer fest and headed over to a friends house, finally we figured it was also time to get some food (yeah, I should know better by now). One of my friends took a turn, and got a little sick, so we let her take a rest, and chilled out till it was time to move on to see our friend playing at the bar.

Once at the bar, I played some pool, I ain’t played pool in a while, and really, I am not all that good anymore. I seem to remember me being good at it while I was at college, but maybe that is my memory playing tricks on me. I switched from drinking beer to baileys and coffee, it was so scrumy. I lasted till about 11, before Ryan and I got into a discussion which made me flip from happy to sad. (more alcohol fueled than anything else I think). Well, I decided it was best if I just went home, so I called a cab. I feel quite sorry for the cab driver, who had to listen to the drunken ramblings of my heart break for the journey to my house.

The rest of the evening involved me shouting at Ryan about stuff (alcohol fueled again), us sitting at the top of the stairs for goodness knows how long, talking and crying, then a little sleep. Yesterday, I was so tired, we did our normal Soprano’s fix, then went to bed.

It was for sure an eventful Saturday, most of it was fun, the rest just needed to happen – I feel much better after letting that stuff out. There’s other things that happened that I chosen not to write about, its already a long post.


  1. Long post? I didn't think so. It was interesting, I thought. I don't really drink anymore (had some beer on my vacation, which was the first in a couple of years, I think) but I was interested in your description of the MicroBrewers' Fest. It sounds like you had a good time. Or at least more good than bad, and that's all we can ask for.

    Your buying peaches for the lady shows your character, just like your helping stray animals, even though you don't think you are special in that regard. You are. You truly are. :)

  2. You know I was having a discussion with someone else about the peaches... and I although I don't think I am special, I think that the rest of the world doesn't do the same things that I do. But oh well.

    As for it not being a long post, I guess it wasn't... but still not sure I am going to write the rest in a blog :)

  3. But you are special. The fact that you do things others don't do (they may think about doing them, but they don't actually follow through) proves it. Anyway, I wish you could find the time to visit us over at Yummy Biscuits more often. We need your brains and your compassion over there right now.

    Keep being special. I think you're a peach of a friend. :)

  4. You shouldn't be so nice, you'll wreck your reputation. I'll be over there at yummys soon. Any chance you could send me the link I am bbing it again.


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