Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Got to love facebook

So I went to check my facebook earlier today... and since I changed my relationship status... this is what I see in the ad's section:

Really... is this supposed to make me feel better...? I mean seriously... I just got out of a relationship, you think I
a. want to jump straight back into one
b. want to see the header 29 and alone again... is that supposed to make me feel good.
At least I still have my sense of humour, and I find this a little entertaining.. but seriously...


  1. that was just a symbol or a sign of what is to come. I can't tell you how powerful my dream about you was, and darlin', I'd really rather have my own dreams thank you!

  2. Well your comment got me to smile.

    Hopefully I won't steal more of your dreams.

  3. Meh... it's just an ad. Nothing to take personal.

  4. Hi Gary, I know, I just didn't think it was very 'symphatetic' marketing.


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