Saturday, July 19, 2008

Over at the pub

Max lately left me in charge of the pub while he's away on vacation.

I am not really sure what he was thinking when he did that, as surely I am going to be causing some trouble - its what us ladies to best after all.

I decided to bring in a new barman - you should go over there and take a look.

We are also trying to collect some fun/mysterious facts about each of the pubs regulars, Maxie boy, has to figure out which one belongs to whom, and then perfom forfiets of sometype for each one that he gets wrong...

Mwah ha ha ha.


  1. I love the new bartender, you could have shared interview duties you know!

  2. You are so right that was very selfish of me. I still need to find someone for the other shift, you can help me with that. I'll share the resumes

  3. Me too! Love the new bartender! hehe


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