Friday, July 18, 2008

The Candy Man

Last night I went to go see Willy Wonka in the Park with a couple of friends. It was even better than I expected - and rather random.

We headed down after work, to the Rose Garden where the show was being held. There's an amphitheatre there, and it was a beautiful evening weather wise.

The cast was a combination of adults and kids.

The set, although it looked simple upon first glance, was actually incredibly put together, there were many combinations which could be created from turning bit around, or flipping pieces up and down by hinges - very cool. We weren't able to take pictures otherwise I would have posted some. After all a picture tells a thousand words.

The kids were so cute, and when they were playing the part of the umpa lumpa's they were just brilliant.

There were some weird, and funny parts though, for which I really do wish I had pictures, as I know I can't do them justice by description alone. Do you remember the part in the movie, or book where they are in the candy boat, and its all psychedelic. Well in this case it was achieved by the umpa lumpas walking round the stage with sign like things in there hands - ranging from Inca mask type things, to kites, to posters with tasselike thingies. It was quite bizzare, and I couldn't quite figure out what was going on.

Then, do you remember the part where Charlie and his Grandad take a sip of the floating bubble stuff...? Well, that bit was very amusing. Of, course with this being outside, there was no way to use lines to make them fly... so instead... they had life size dummies of Charlie and Granddad who flew about the stage attached to poles... Oh my gosh, it brought tears to my eyes.

Now, I may sound as if I am dissing this show, I really am not. I really think they came up with creative ways to make this work and tell the story on an outdoor stage, but it was quite humorous.

When it was over, all us girlies walked back to the car singing and dancing to the Candyman song... yeah - we really can't sing.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post. :) Reminded me of the movie version. :)

  2. Yeah, after watching the show, I wanted to go home and watch the movie... but I don't own it...

  3. that sounds like it was a marvelous time, I wish I could have played along.

  4. caroline, couple of things, one, I am so sorry about your break up. I have always said we need a button to turn off love. It takes a while to get over shit like that. Do NOT be hard on yourself! It is not up to you to make anyone but yourself happy. He has to find his happiness on his own. Second, about max, I think it would be funny if you could do a temporary blog and have it be all foo foo, you know flowers and Opera music. Now that would kill him. Or even better have a bunch of manly pictures posted everywhere. Male models and such. That would be funny also. Pretend they are our new regulars. What do you think?


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