Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tales of the Northeast: There be Geordies here!

No, not the Northeast USA. No Geordies there. Only New Yorkers. Vermonters. Kennedys.

The Northeast of England, thank you very much. A very special lot, actually.

In my vast studies of the species, I have discovered that not everyone in England pines to be called a Geordie. While I myself would consider it an honor, some take offense when mistaken for a Geordie, especially by the London Bobbies when one is intoxicated. Here is a story I read (but didn't understand a word - perhaps YOU will):

Many years ago, a Boro-lad I know, got involved in a fracas with the local constabulary whilst visiting London. Safe at home in the Boro with some decent beer betwaddling his faculties, the story may well have been embellished somewhat but he reckons the Cockney Bobbies addressed him rather unkindly along the lines of 'you expletive Geordie expletive', 'you expletive Geordie expletive', and, even, 'You expletive Geordie expletive!'. (That last one was a bit much I think!) Finally he could stand it no more and he screamed at his tormentors. “Get me a expletive map and I’ll show you I’m not a expletive Geordie!”

I'm guessing that means Geordies only come from a very particular part of England. So that story may be funny if you happen to be English. I'm not.

The name Geordie is a diminutive of George (referring to "George" as used in Scotland, North Durham and Northumberland.) Something to do with the 1715 Jacobite rebellion, in which the residents of Newcastle remained loyal to George I and were thenceforth known as Geordies. ::Yawn::

Here I get into the history much deeper than even Caroline would care to know, and so I will stop. I only wrote this to give me a chance to say that there is one particular Geordie whom I think is really cool. So.


  1. Once upon a time I worked in a building that had long narrow corridors. And this gentleman used to shout down the corridor after me, in a loud Geordie accent - "why aye bonny lass!". I can still hear it. I used to be *so* embarrassed. It wasn't an accent that quite fitted with the environment so all heads turned to look.

    I've just googled his name and found that link. It doesn't look as though he's changed one bit.

    Thanks, Max, for the memories :)

  2. max, i am so pleased you posted this. I never knew that is why we were called geordies... you taught me something new - again !

  3. a. - Don't thank me for the memories - I didn't call your ass Bonny. I mean lass. That's what he meant though. That's why you were "so" embarrassed. Ha! Like I believe that! :)

    Caroline - Ummmm...have you ever had a comment replied to on your own blog? Too weird. Can't do it. :)

  4. geordie nowt to do with the then king george(1715 etc).all to do with the type of mining lamps used in the region that were made by george stephenson,as opposed to other makes used in other parts of the u.k. ,hense geordie.

  5. I love Geordies!!! Especially Cheryl Cole <3.


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