Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rocky Raccoon

I am feeling a little zombie like at present, I have had two nights now with very little sleep. The first I blame on too much coffee and too many thoughts running through my head. Last night, I think I have to blame again on too much caffeine, too much beer, too much excitement, and a noisy raccoon chattering away outside of my bedroom window.

This was my first ever encounter with a raccoon, other than seeing them at the zoo. I was lying there, in my bed, and I heard a strange squeaking noise from outside. I had no clue what it was was, so I asked my wonderful boyfriend, who thought it was a squirrel or chipmunk thing. I much admit I was not convinced, it sounded a little to big to be either of those. So I got up and peeked out the window, I saw the backend of a raccoon running away, avoiding the searchlights that were trying to locate it. Seems it had also got the attention of my neighbours, they were using a torch (or should I say flashlight) to try and locate the poor little fella. I was needless to say quite excited to see my first "wild" raccoon.

Picture taken by my friend mnt_goat_76

I then started to try and sing The Beatles song Rocky Racoon, but if you’ve read my previous blog, you’ll know by now that I can not sing, nor could I remember any of the words, other than Rocky Racooon, D'da d'da d'da da d'da d'da d'da d'da

While trying to find the words my wonderful boyfriend, told me Rocky dies… I didn’t believe him, I never remember getting the impression that he dies.. I know he gets shot, but I always thought he survived. How can such a happy sounding song be about a dead raccoon, just doesn’t seem write to me. (although I did comment to him, that is sometimes the case, I’ll be smiling and dancing away all happy to a song, then all of a sudden I’ll actually pay attention to the lyrics and realize its actually a very sad song… why must people do that!). So back to Rocky Raccoon, we listened to it in the car this morning. He still believes that Rocky dies, as “Gideon’s gible checked out”, the wbf believing that checked out means gave up and died, and I think he lived because:
“Gideon checked out and he left it no doubt
To help with good Rocky's revival, ah”

Checked out meaning, it worked out, like when your car checks out, or when you run a security check on a person, they check out… not check out like leaving the building. Plus, he had a revial… that doesn’t spell death to me…

I think this just goes to prove that my wbf is a cynic and the glass is half empty, and I am optimist, and the glass is half full.


  1. I know, I have a lot of ands in the last paragraph, just goes to show that they don't teach english very good in england!

  2. oh caroline, you touched a soft spot in little marmelade's heart. she loves the beatles, and knows every single song and their respective lyrics. in fact, her name is a tribute to the fab four. of course rocky racoon doesn't die. but he indeed suffers a disillusion. his girl is cheating on him. bitch!

  3. I know, poor Rocky, and I am so happy you agree with me.

    I love them too. So very much!

  4. I and still and say and your and writing and is and just and wonderful! (and)

    That is to say it was interesting to me. And I will take interesting over grammar and spelling any day. I know what you mean, and I liked it.

    Me and Marmelade's writin' ain't all that fancy either--be SHE, at least sure is interesting, isn't she? Of course I may be prejudiced a little since Maxy is cold stone in love with the orange one. Don't you ever tell her Max said that, or he will totally lose whatever little control he still has. In fact, he had to invent Candy Girl just to stop daydreaming about Marmelade. And now his puppeteer plays that stupid Beatles song that he used to hate up until about two weeks ago, over and over and over and and and and. Well. You get the picture. But Caroline is pretty cool, too. At least she doesn't hang around with a bunch of Russians just to break Max's heart. Just sayin'...

  5. Caroline is very cool! she is my favourite blogger right now. Before you call me fickle, please note that my other favourite blogger is my friend Wench at She's the first person in the universe that ever commented on my blog. She's a brit so maybe you can entice her into you little game of yours, Maxwell!

    Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer
    Came down upon her head
    Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer
    Made sure that she was dead

  6. I <3 miss marmelade too, she' sso sweet.

    My gosh I am so tired. I am thinking of having a long soak in the bath then heading to couch to watch some tele.

    I just hang around a bunch of russians for fun. Actually that's not true, I only hang around with one russian, its a very tasty russian though.

  7. Max, you didn't answer if Rocky is dead or alive...

  8. Well and I and voted and. Can't and you and tell and which and vote and is and mine? :)

    Besides, the only Beatles song Max's puppeteer allows him to listen to any more is that one about the marshmallow trees and... well, you know. And. :)

  9. Another reason I didn't comment right away was, when I tried to I made the mistake of reading Marmelade's Maxwell comment first and, well, it was all over for the Max after that. Paralyzed typing fingers. Coffee snorted keyborard. And like that.

  10. British ladies snogging Russians in America. What the f--- has my poor country been reduced to? Now I see Gorby is living in Arizona somewhere. BRING BACK THE GOOD OL' USSR, I SAY!! Life was so much simpler then for Max. You love 'em (and more.) I still hate 'em. Balances out, though. :)

  11. Of course, you can disregard all that crap if it turns out that Marmelade is Russian. Then Max would start to just LOVE Russians. But she won't say. So I guess I should just love everybody until I find out. She won't answer my "French" guess. She's toying with me. But I still don't really think so. I'm leaning waaaaaay over to the other side of Italy now. Must stalk some more before I waste my last allowed guess...

    Where the hell IS the orange one this morning anyway? Don't tell me. Another goddam Russian in her bed. Crap! :)

  12. I was referring to white russians the drink, not the people.

    They taste good in my mouth and sliding down my throat, they also seem to do a good job of making me merry.

  13. When I wrote my comment asking for you opinion, you hadn't voted yet, no-one had.

    I can completely understand that you were distracted by marmelade, its amazing any of us can type anything at all with Lady Marmelade around. That is why I thought I should remind you to voice your thoughts about poor Rocky Raccoon.

    However, I see that my wonderful readers, have great support and belief in the unfortunate fella, and that cheers me up no end.


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