Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Desktop Tag

I was double tagged, by Max who was caught in the hopeless never ending meme game.

For this one I had to post a picture of my desktop, without cleaning it up. OK so I will admit this is not the most exciting desktop, but it is my work computer so give me a break.

I am pressed for time, as I am in a busy meeting. I will be posting the other tag later today, once I think of 8 things about me... you would think it would be easy, amazingly it is not, I have 3 so far.

So heres whom I am tagging: Leroy Brown Tangeryne
i'll add more later got to go for now


  1. Hey little girl!

    Thanks for putting up with this silly stuff. You did good! And I really like your desktop wallpaper if I may be extra nosy. :)

    I'll bet you are really tired after last night, plus having to go to work. How was your shortbread received?

    PS-Cool post, too! You are a really good writer, you know that? Max is gonna get you all practiced up (and tired out, probably!) :) (Note the paragraphing.)

  2. Max and your mum have come up with the other five things for your list. :)

    Just kidding.

  3. Hi There Maxy

    Nice of you to stop by.

    I finally got to sleep somewhere around 3:30, and my alarm went of at 6:30, amazingly I am not at all tired today. I go through phases of sleeping a huge bunch, then just not sleeping at all. Its ok though, over the course of a month it seems to work itself out.

    Hmmm, talking to my mum already... how is she doing? I haven't actually spoken to her for a couple of weeks now.

  4. I love your desk top very nice indeed :)


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