Saturday, April 19, 2008

Light-Rail Coyote

I was struggling to think of something to write about today, but as I was packing for my upcoming move, I came across my journal from when I first moved here, so I am going to tell you a story of a fun weekend back in August 2005(I have had other ones since then, don't worry, it wasn't my only fun weekend here in Portland).

I was invited to a pig roast at the coast (Paradise City to be exact). I had never been to a pig roast, and I actually have never been to another one since. I must say that the pig didn't look too pretty, but it sure did taste good. We hung out at the beach for a bit, drank some beer and ate. Been as I don't drive I caught a ride with a friend back to Beaverton, to catch the Max (this is our light rail system) back home.

There were a couple of guys on the Max who were trying to find their way into town, for a few drinks. They were from out of town, so didn't really know where to get off, or where to go. I suggested that they went to Ringlers, before heading on to the bar they really wanted to go to. Been as it was a Saturday night, and I had no plans, I decided I'd go back and join them. I was all sandy and wind swept from the beach, so I popped home to clean up and get changed, before heading back out to meet them at Ringlers.

After playing some pool (which of course I kicked ass at), we headed to Kelly's, which was the bar they wanted to go to. Kellys is a pretty cool bar, it was the first time (not to be the last) that I went there. This bar has motorbikes hanging from the ceiling, its the owners collection, he has more, but only displays a few here.

There was a lass sitting at the bar on my own and my 2 new friends (Pedro and Mike), started chatting to her, or was it chatting her up... Christen (the girl) had just moved to Portland, and had gone to the bar in the hope of meeting some people. We ended up going dancing. Pedro and Mike got kicked out for some reason, so we ended up losing them. I met a french girl in the bathroom, and the 3 of us had a lot of fun.

On the way home, we met a lad from my neck of the woods, he was over for a Sunderland v's timbers game. I think we'd also found Pedro and Mike again by now (actually I believe they found us, we'd tried to give them the slip). We shared a cab, and got some food before calling it a night. Christen and I became really good friends, and became regular drinking buddies. We seemed to do well with meeting lots of new people, and seemed to have a crazy story from every time we went out.

I haven't actually in seen her in a long time, we both ended up in relationships, and our friendship sort of fizzled.

I never heard from Pedro or Mike again, although at one Halloween, we did see Mike dressed up as a Gorilla. It was rather odd.

The weekend following the Pig Roast was also interesting. It was a normal Saturday morning, and I was trying to get as many errands done as possible. I'd just received my bonus check from work, so I wanted to go post it to my bank account, I also needed to do some groceries. I was expecting it to be an uneventful Saturday morning... While on my way to the store, I walked past the street it was on, so did a quick about turn before crossing the road. This girl started shouting something at me, but I couldn't make out what she was saying.

Turns out she was a prostitute, and thought I was running away from the police, she thought I was a prostitute too. I promise I was dressed decently, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She told me I should become one or a dancer, that I could make a killing, I politely declined. If any of you have seen me dance, you'll find it all the more amusing, I dance as if no-one is watching, or should I say I dance and hope no-one is watching.

I am telling you, there's some weird things that happen here in Portland.


  1. Well, it's a forgivable error--I think most people DO think you are one of "those" when they first meat you, don't they? (I never did, of course. Max immediately saw your virtue and purity shining through.)

    I am quite disappointed in you at the moment, however. First, for even going to Lord Likely's place at all. Second for not telling me what you thought of the comment I left there about you. It is becoming more and more obvious that you are not stalking Max nearly as closely as he requires. Just sayin'...

    (She sits quietly, blue eyes sparkling as the light hits the delightful specks of gold, pondering what to do next. "I know he makes an awful lot of spelling errors", she thinks. "Maybe that's all it is." She wonders how she can bring it up without seeming to be the instigator if it really IS just a typo. What do do?)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I just thought I'd go see what all the fuss was about, and my oh my, was I pleased I stopped by over there. What a fello that Lord Likely is.

    I wasn't really sure what to say about your comment. I can't help it if I have an obsession with being wound up. Can you blame me after stopping by his blog?

    You are obviously, not doing such a great job at stalking me, as it took you this long to realise I even went back there :)

    But, thanks for stopping by.

    I am not making any comment at all, as to your opinion of my virtue and purity... tsk tsk tsk.

  4. Caroline, did the woman mistake you for me? I know that happens sometimes.

    @ max, hello again. ;)

  5. Lolly, that could indeed have been it.

    Max, I am so used to you "typo's" by now, that I automatically "correct" them in my head.

  6. Slowly her personality splits into individual personas. Two avatars, soon three. The talking amongst themselves will soon be constant. Max's work here is almost done.

  7. pig roast? i thought they do this barbaric habit only in europe. i've been at one once, smells terrible. ew. i don't eat pork so i wouldn't know the taste.

    anyway, nice story.

  8. Caroline, I just looked up the word "dodgy" and that's a terrible thing to say to me. If anything, I am TOO upfront and honest with you. :(

    How I love Marmelade's unrestrained passion. But I know she would never want to hurt her friends by insisting they follow Marmelade's personal strict code of behavior. Of course, on the other hand, Marmelade is so often right that it hurts, so that's probably why Max is feeling defensive this morning. :) If I wasn't so deeply in love with her and her puppeteer, I could simply just bash the orange one sometimes. No, I probably couldn't even to that. I'm just a hopelessly whupped little puppy dog.... :)

  9. A few guys on the Max? Yes, I think I know of whom you speak ...

  10. @ Marmelade - seems it is also done over here, quite a lot. Luckily I actually missed the roasting.

    @ Max - erm, I don't know what to say to you right now :)

    @ Canucklehead - How well do you know them?


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