Monday, April 28, 2008

Our House - Finally

Well I've been gone a few days due to my move. I spent all day Friday packing, Saturday morning moving, Saturday and most of Sunday unpacking. I still have several boxes left to go.

It was fairly uneventful as far as moving goes. I did throw a bit of a wobbly on Saturday, and then another bigger one on Sunday, but I think it was just because of the stress of moving, and tiredness. Luckily my wbf understood, and didn't get upset with me.

Its challenging trying to find a home for everything, the apartment is a little smaller than where I moved from, but not by much. It will all have a home eventually. Most of the boxes that are left are pictures or books, so shouldn't take too long to get finished up.

The wbf, still has quite a bit of stuff to move in, and he has a room, pretty much, of his own, that he can do what he pleases with, although, he has had a few looks from me. I can't help it, I am quite picky, and a bit of a control freak, its hard to let someone do what they want sometimes. I am sure it will look great once he has all his stuff in it though, it will be a proper bachelor room :).

I really didn't do much this past weekend other than move, although we did go to his house for a grill and just to hang out with some friends. It was fun, we ended the night with a small jamming session in the basement, that was a lot of fun. Although Caroline was very tired, and ended up crashing in the wbf's rocking chair while he packed up some stuff and finished his beer.

The cats did quite well with the move too. Henry is normally the worst, he is such a softy. He went into the cat carrier without much fuss, which surprised me, and once we showed him his new home, he explored instead of hiding behind the washing machine for hours, which he did when I last moved. He did walk around the apartment growling though, its such a strange noise for a cat to make. Cleo of course has settled in without any problems. She is always happy, so long as she has a place to sleep and some food to eat.


  1. Glad you have got the worst part over with. Now all you have to do is finish putting it all away. :)

    Maybe after a little bit longer, her friends will enjoy the old Caroline again, like before. Love your cat. Is the black one Henry?

    (btw, I couldn't help but notice your gorgeous new header--did you have that done professionally?)

    :) :) :)

  2. Henry is the black one, he's a sweetheart, at least I think so, no-one else likes him, because he doesn't like anyone else apart from me...

    I'll be back in a couple of days, once I am settled into my new home.

    Isn't the header great! A special person made it for me!

  3. the new place looks very nice, wooden floor and white furniture :-) good luck with unpacking and decorating it.

    i'm not sure how i would feel if my bf would ask for a privacy room. although i understand better than anyone the need of having your own privacy, i still wouldn't take it too well. i'm not a control freak, i just don't like the feeling that he's keeping something from me. i'll probably get completely paranoid. wow, i really have a lot of issues, don't i? :-)

  4. Its not so much a room that I can't go into, its more a room that he can do what he pleases with, and a place for him to keep his stuff.

    He wants somewhere that he can watch sports, without getting in my way. He has 3 TV's he watches the football on, and I certainly don't want them in my living room.

    I am just having issues in not being able to decide what goes where... silly girl that I am.

    I actually got some stuff hung up on the walls last night, and its starting to feel more like a home.

    Woo Hoo!

  5. Doors serve a very good purpose. They allow us to close off what men do that we don't want to acknowledge!

    Congrats on your new home.

  6. Debbie, I love the way you put it!


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