Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Joy. Song of happiness. Manly.

What is this all about you might be asking?

This blog is an output of a conversation with Max I posted more comments on his blog than I have ever written on any of my own blogs, ever. Seriously, if you did a word count on the comments that I left at his blog today, and a word count of my "other" blogs, I am sure there would be more on his.

This lead me to believe two things:

1. My current blogs, although they may serve a purpose to my friends and family back home and to my Etsy Store, are not all that interesting, and are not updated frequently.

2. That I do actually have stuff I want to say, and at least one person out there is at least a little curious.

This has nothing to do with my Etsy Blog or my Travel Blog. This is just about me, my life, my thoughts, and the strange things that seem to happen to me. I'll write about current things going on, as well as some of my favourite stories from my past, and perhaps some made up stuff, just to keep you on your toes.

I figure this will be good practice for the story that Max wants me to write.

In case you are still here, and are curious as to where the name of the blog comes from, it is one of several meanings for my name. Other than manly (which really seemed to have no similarity to me what so ever in my opinion, other than my like for manly guys), this one seemed to amuse me, perhaps because of my inability to actually sing.

You should think yourself lucky that you have never heard me try. There has only been one karaoke attempt made by myself, and there is a reason for that. It probably didn't help that I was drunk for the first time in my life, in Scotland, singing a song that I'd never heard of, which had probably been written about 50 years before I was born. Of course the fact that I really can't sing, and that I am extremely tone deaf was probably the root cause of the noise coming from my mouth. About half way through the song, I had a brief moment where I could actually hear myself, so I put down the mike, and walked away. I have never been tempted to pick up the mike since. Which I assure you is a very good thing, some things really don't get better with age you know.


  1. Dear Caroline:

    This is simply delightful!

    From now on, only write in blogs about things you are TRULY interested in, ok? It is so easy and natural to write about things you care about and know about and are interested in.

    You go girl! Maxy is proud of his little Caroline! And he will be back a LOT to stand by her side! Promise!

    PS-lose the comment moderation and word verification my dear. Remember--you are no longer the old TIMID Caroline. Don't make it hard for your friends to post. And don't be afraid of a little porn-O-spam, either. You may grow to like it! (Seriously, it never comes anyway. Google has really good spam filters to protect you. And if you DO get some nasties, well, don't throw them away--keep them for Max! :) )

  2. Well thank you Max.

    I having serious sleep issues tonight, those sleep issues being that I am not tired.

    I have 4 hours to go before I am to be up for work. Oh what fun.

    I have taken your advice and
    dropped the word verification and so on, so now people can comment at will.

    Well, I am off to my snug warm bed again, either to read more of Hitchhickers Guide to Galaxy, or perhaps to actually catch some zzz's.

  3. Oh, and thank you for the lovely use of paragraphs, I know that is a rarity for you in comments :)

  4. I think you should post for you! No one else. Your blog should be to make you happy first and to gain readers second. I think you have it in you to be a great blogger. If you need anything or have any questions let me know. Welcome to the blogging world!

  5. Isn't she sweet? I love ettarose. (And that is the God's truth!)

    Please check your knitting thing because I officially "tagged" you there. Now you are solemnnny obligated to do it. Ummm. To, you know, play the game with me. Oh, Caroline, you get me so flustered.

    Are you going to stay up all night? If so, come to entrecard email and talk. I'll bring coffee.

    Did I tell you how proud I was of you? Yes. I guess I did. Sorry. :)

  6. Good morning dear Caroline! My first time doing karaoke was that weekend i spent with my friend Sara in Benidorm, on the east coast of Spain. You know, sun, sand, sea and what was the other "s"? oh, yeah, sex, but we'll talk about that later, when we get to know each other better. never on the first post, that's my rule. i'm a girl with principals, i am. but i digress.
    anyhoo, we were in this irish pub, minding our own business, which is drinking tequila shots in nothing but tight shorts and bikini bras (oh, the sophomore years!), when two English blokes offered us company. they claimed they were paramedics on one of those royal navy battle-cruisers, or whatever they're called, so we figured we might need some resuscitation later on. They told us "we just love your dresses" and we answered "what dresses, mate?". They answered "exactly" and than laugh about it while hi5-ing each other. i figured it was some fine example of the famous British humour. and by fine, i mean crapy. They took us to the karaoke bar and i sang a duet with one of the lads IN WHITE NAVY UNIFORM, i believe his name was Paul. The song was "You're the one that I want", from Grease. I can't tell you if I was any good, but I sure got cheered by half of her majesty navy camped on Spain's east coast.
    I won't tell you the real happy ending of the story though. You know, my principals.

    Ps: keep posting. you seem to have a lot of interesting stories to tell. and we're nothing if not good stories lovers.

  7. Consider yourself tagged!!!


    And I'm going back to change the original post to show your new blog and the new link to it. :)

  8. So unfair. Not fair at all when you are soooo tired. But...TAG again. Differnt thing. Show the world your desktop. Right now and don't clean it up first!

  9. Ok. It's over. You were unavailably at work. No more tags. Not ever. Not on Max at least. Max's debt to Canuclehead is paid in full. I set you free.


  10. Hi All,
    I will respond to comments later, having a busy day at work.

    I am not ignoring you.

  11. @ Ettarose thanks so much, I for once agree with Max.

    @ Max , thanks again for the inspiration and encouragement to get me to do this. Of course I am still at day 1...

    @ Marmalade, good to know I am not the only drunken singer out there! Although I am as I said in my post retired now, I was for sure a one hit wonder! You navy story reminded me of another... I'll write it in my blog in a couple of days.

    @ Max, if you didn't know by now, I am a slow poke, I did post it as soon as I saw it though, even if it was too late for your liking.

    Thanks so much all for dropping by, I hope you'll come back again :)


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