Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Phew, good to be home.

Today was a tough one.  It started off with me driving to the doctors office for my immigration medical exam.
This examination consisted of my getting jabbed with 3 shots (tetnus, tb and something else) and having a vial of blood drawn.  During this whole process I had to lay down as I almost passed out.  I am such a wuss.  I swear I was tougher than this when I was a kid.  Don't know what happened to me.
I was there for almost 3 hours, most of it waiting.  What was quite nice though, was after  I had been there for 1.5 hours, they brought me a snack.

Well after 3 hours of that I got back into my car, and headed to work.  It was one of those days, where I wish I hadn't of bothered.  It was hectic and we are at a point on our project where everything, and I mean everything is getting micro managed.  It's driving me insane.  I am quite capable of managing my own work.  But now, its every 15 mins, someone is stopping by my cubicle to ask "are you done with ???? yet", and more frequently than not my answer is no, not yet.  I am working on it.  Thing is, I have so many of these tasks to complete, and there's just not enough hours in the day to get them done.  Hence the 70+ hour work weeks.

It makes me tired and sad.  Thanks for letting me whine, I am feeling rather sorry for myself today.


  1. And you know what, tetanus shots really hurt after the fact. I keep moving my arm, and it aches. :(


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