Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some things just don't translate.

When I came back to revive Song of Happiness, I made myself a promise to try and post every day.  Well, today I was a little lost as to what to write about.  Then I decided just to do what I used to do. To start typing and see where it goes.  Want to take the trip with me.  I figure my brain never stops, I am always thinking of something, so I there must be something in there I can write about.  I probably sound like a crazy person.  No doubt I am to some extent, but no more so than anyone else.

Ah-ha, I think it just came to me. 

This time last year I was in Hong Kong, on a business trip.  I have been working on a project for the last 18 months, where we are implementing a new HR system, globally, in 52 countries.  This time last year a small group of us traveled to Hong Kong and Amsterdam to meet with HR peeps from all 52 countries in 3 weeks.

Our goal was to collect all legal and local HR business requirements.

While in Hong Kong we were in a room with all our Asia Pacific region representatives.  We were going through all the leave types.

We got to Korea.  It seems Korea has a type of leave for sterilization.   Japan, was a little perplexed by this. They looked at each other, spoke amongst themselves then asked the group. "sterilization leave, is that when they close down a factory for a few days as it is cleaned".  It was then one of my co-workers tasks, to explain what this leave is really for.  Somethings just don't translate, verbally, so hand gestures were required.

If only I had photos, but imagine a snip snip gesture, and some pointing.

Japan then then thought that sterilization leave was for men getting sex  changes.  We finally got it resolved.  With many giggles and much awkwardness.  It was a concept that apparently does not exist in Japan.


  1. I always promise myself to drive all the way up to enjoy "The Fremont Street Experience" but always seem to get sucked in by all the newer hotels/casinos on the strip. By the time I would get that far up, I would have lost all my money anyhow. :)

  2. @Max Did you mean to comment on the wrong post?

    The trick is to start down there. Downtown is fun, and has so much history tucked away.

  3. Posted comment to wrong post instead of Vegas post like I intended. :(

  4. Wasn't sure if you were just trying to confuse me. You have been known to do that.


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