Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sun Lotion in my eye...

I ended up having to go to the doctors yesterday. I was having issues with my eye. It wouldn’t stop tearing up, and it was stinging. Well seems that the sunscreen that I got in it, caused a burn… isn’t sunscreen supposed to prevent me from getting burnt? The one advantage is that I got the day off work, however, I didn’t do much other than play final fantasy.

My eyes still hurting a little today, but its no where near as bad as yesterday, and I’m no longer running a fever, which I was yesterday, and I am back at work. Also its raining today, so I have no need for sunscreen today, thank goodness.
Compared to last week, this week is a quiet week. I don't have much of anything planned. Work is also going to be pretty quiet as I am finally moving into my new role, which means only one job to do instead of two, that makes me very happy.


  1. I was going to say...you shouldn't have gotten burned if you used that stuff. Time to act like an American and get a lawyer. Two reasons: sunburn and not a large enough warning on the bottle.

    It wasn't Debbie's brand was it?


  2. no actually it wasn't, i was thinking of that when I posted it.

    I actually think it may not have been the sunscreen but actually the amount of pine pollen that was flying around yesterday. I came into work and all the puddles had a nice scummy (not scrummy)covering of pollen.

    But no matter what it was, my eye is better now, and all the better to see you with.

  3. Debbie doesn't own that brand Maxi, however, I still would never allow them to burn my dear little Caroline. You however, come a little closer dear puppy, I have another spray on brand I'd like you to test for me.

    Oh sorry Caroline, I didn't mean to suggest animal testing here, truly I didn't!

  4. I should hope not Debbie, and its hard to find anything more animal than Max.

  5. ooooh Marmelade you are back!

    I missed you ever so much!


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