Monday, May 19, 2008

In the Palm of Your Hand

I was just over at British Speak and and I see that relax max has been giving me some link love, so I thought I should actually sit down and write something.

I finally got to have some fun last week, and that is the main reason nothing was posted on my blog.

It began with a "country fair" at work on thursday, this meant free beer, bull rides, tattoos, palm reading, popcorn, corn dogs, arts and crafts, and goodness knows what else. However, we had lots of sun begining on Thursday too, and my fair skin got very burnt, there wasn't really any shady spots for me to be hiding in.

As mentioned above there was a couple of palm readers at the fair. I've never had my palm read before, so I figured what the heck. She was spookily accurate, it began with her telling me "well I can see right away that you are a sensitive person, you care a lot about other people and their happiness and will put them before yourself". She then went on to say, that I live to be in love (so true!), that I am a bit of a rebel. It ended with her talking about my relationship with wbf, and she couldn't have been more spot on there either... like I said... spooky :)

I don't remember doing much Thursday evening... I think we watched a movie, yup we did - Two for the Money, it was rather good. The rest of the weekend consisted of drinking, dancing and more drinking. All in all not a bad weekend.

Yesterday a friend came over, and we started to watch the Soprano's. We are going to get together every sunday afternoon and watch them all. Until yesterday I'd never seen any of them, the wbf has seen them all, and needless to say, this was his idea. We watched the first 3 episodes last night... so far I like it.


  1. The palm reader may have been very accurate about you in many areas. However, with or with out your palms, I know from reading your blogs how sensitive and caring you are. I am just glad you had that confirmed. Maybe you will begin to see yourself with more loving eyes!

  2. Debbie, welcome back, missed you while you were gone on your trip. Was it good?

  3. yes, the trip was glorious. Thank you. As I love hypnosis so, I go under with the blink of an eye, so I was called up on stage several times. I am proud to say, I still have the few shreds of dignity I left town with, still in tact.

    Funny thing, on the road I saw so many sights that reminded me of Ecards, I began to think maybe I spend a bit too much time with it?

    I posted yesterday about my friend/neighbor who had such a marvelous attitude. It is the "other" Caroline! You too are so much alike.

  4. I have never be hypnotized, not for any reason other than i've never had the opportunity. I've heard that if you dream in colour you go under easy. Is that true?

    I am hopping over to your blog now to have a gander :)

  5. You have in fact been hypnotized many, many times in your life. It is naturally occurs several times throughout your day. I will post an explanation soon about what it is and is not. You are bright and creative, so I imagine you would go into hypnosis easily.

  6. well that is rather cool... I want to know more about that :)

  7. I have tried before to get my own palms read, but it appears that they are far too calloused and worn to provide an accurate reading.

    I cannot think why they would be in such a state...

  8. perhaps you should try some special lotion Lord Likely


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