Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doodle Week - Day 1: Self Portrait

For sure not the best doodle, I am not good at drawing people, but I tried. This, is me, with a paint brush in one hand and a pint in another. You'll see my two kitties, and cat number 3 (the rescued cat, who's still waiting for a home). My knitting is floating in mid air, as it keeps nagging at me to get a baby blanket finished!

I doodled this once I got to work, then I remembered that I left my camera at home, so the photo's taken with my camera phone, which makes it look worse than it did to begin with. I then tried to send this doodle from my cell phone directly to this blog over an hour ago, but it still hasn't arrived, so I posted it to facebook, then to here instead. However, the photo may end up making it here again from my initial attempt, so my apologies if this photo is featured twice.


  1. There is no such thing as a bad doodle, I love that you added the knitting :)

  2. Whereas I love that you added the pint.

  3. they are both important things to me. In fact I do with a pint now.

  4. I have given you so many repetitive compliments that I can't give you anymore, because you are beginning to make fun of me. But if you WOULD have allowed it, it would be something related to compliment #21 about every time I see you I realize you can do something ELSE well...

    Well, I guess I've said it again. Sue me.

    (one pint? who're you trying to kid. Choke.) :)

  5. How could I have missed the pint!

    Great minds think alike :)

  6. I have no clue how you missed the pint, I am surprised!

    Thanks again Max, but I am unable to take you seriously anymore. :) jk

  7. The doodles have affected my mind :)


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