Friday, May 2, 2008


I am feeling rather jolly today. I was grumpy yesterday, not that anyone would be believe it but I really was. I've been having a bit of a grumpy week actually. Not really sure why, but it happens every now and again.

But today, is a good day, I received my $600 rebate this morning, which I actually believed I wasn't going to get, as I am not a permanent resident, but as I am "temporary" resident alien, I still qualified. Woo Hoo. I am not sure what I think of being an alien, I suppose it has to be better than being a "burger" which is what I wash in Holland, at least that's what it said on my ID over there.

So, now I can think again about what I want to spend the money on. We need a few uninteresting things for the new home, but I want to get something fun and exciting. Its been a while since I really went shopping... I don't even know what I want. Perhaps I am alreaady the girl (or in this case alien) who has everything. According to BBC America News, $600 doesn't really go very far. However, I can think of lots of things to buy that cost less than $600. To be honest though, been as the TV broke the other week, I'll put some if towards that, and the rest...

Perhaps I'll put it towards a weekend away, can you believe even though I am so close, I still haven't been to Seattle... there we go, its decided. Seattle it is :)


  1. Shoes! $600 can buy some amazing pairs of shoes! Sorry, I was lost in your fantasy.....(any guess what my addiction is?)

  2. I love shoes, I have about 100 pairs of them, its becoming a stuggle to know where to keep them all. You are right though $600 can indeed buy some very nice shoes. I don't know how I didn't think of that. I think the move has made me much more pracitical than I'd normally be. I hope that this practicallity passes soon, its no where near as much fun.

  3. i had a grumpy week too. i'm looking forward for it to end. no 600 $ to ease my pain, though :-(

    hope you keep us posted on how you spent it.

  4. I spent it on a bunch of stuff from Goodwill for my apartment. Still got $500 to go though. Its sitting in my bank account at the moment :)

  5. The Alien stopped by at your place. Cool. :D


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