Friday, May 2, 2008

(Night) Swimming

I have an amazing friend, well I have lots of amazing friends actually, but I want to tell you about one in particular today.

Her name is Michelle Macy. I find her amazing because she set her mind to doing something, which I would find impossible. Michelle has been swimming for a long time, and a couple of years ago she set her mind to swimming the English Channel. She put in long hours training, swimming in the freezing sea in Alaska, swimming at night, taking freezing cold baths, to allow her body get used to cold water temperatures. Last September, she achieved her goal. She swam the Channel in 10hours and 2 mins. I don't think I could even sit in a bath for that long, never mind swim.

She swims because she finds joy and purpose in the water. She raised an incredible $2,500 which she contributed to University of Minnesota Cancer Research Center. Her goal is to raise $50,000, and I know she can do it. She'll achieve this goal via Macy Swim for the Cure cause.

For more information go to

Good Luck Michelle!


  1. Wow she sounds amazing!

    I can barely swim length :(

  2. I have the same issue, I can't swim for toffee.

  3. Its on my long list of things to improve :)

  4. How interesting! I love to swim. In fact my head is swimming as I type this, thinking about your awesome friend! :)

  5. your friend is so cool. though, she must be a superhero or something, because I can't imagine how she can survive the hypothermia induced by the alaska ocean.

  6. I agree, she has to be a super hero. She rocks!


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