Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I wil follow you

The conversations that I hear on the MAX (Portland’s light rail), are quite often rather interesting. Today was no exception, other than it was more of a monologue than a conversation. A guy and a girl get on a couple of stops from my work, they sit down behind me. The girl is chattering away (seemingly to herself).

Why am I following you?

You said you were going to take me home, and now I am following you.

I’ve been fantasizing about spiders a lot lately.

Spiders are quite good thing to be thinking about.

You can think about good spiders and bad spiders.

I was thinking about having a spider party.

Invite everyone, all of my friends and his friends.

All the spider friends.

There’d be no drugs.

Well there could be drugs, lots of drugs.

Crazy drugs.

We’d all sit in the dark like spiders.

Everyone would come over after not sleeping for a week, and we’d all fall asleep, like spiders.
Why am I following you?

You we taking me home, but now I am following you every where.
I can go to the store and get my diet pills.

Now there were lots of pauses in this conversation, and I am not guaranteeing that I got it word for word… but it’s a little odd isn’t it?

The guy that she got on with (the one that she apparently was following), didn’t say a word, occasionally he’d talk to the other girl next to him.

I just thought I’d share.


  1. I think I would be scared. That sounds so strange. Of course now that I think about it there is a lady where I work that once told me when she went to the zoo, the Polar Bears tied her up and made her watch them. There are all kinds of weirdos out there!

  2. Odd indeed, as you say, all kinds of weirdos out there, and it seems like there's a lot of 'em.

  3. http://travellingspouse.blogspot.comMay 22, 2008 at 10:35 PM

    You don't think she'd already had a sample of those drugs she was talking about? :)


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