Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moving On (to another cube?)

I had all sorts of ideas for a post yesterday, but was distracted by finding the kitty, and now I can't remember what all the great ideas were. That will teach me to write them down as I think of them, instead of trying to rely on my crappy memory.

I don't really feel like I've done much to write about the past few days. All I've really been doing is working and running errands. There is no rest for the wicked as they say. Not sure who they are, but they do say it.

Yesterday I was in a training class at work, "Achieving High Performance", it was pretty much just about how to set a personal vision, goals and objectives. It also gave advice on how to manage time, network, get mentorship and stuff like that. I already do most of these things, so i'm not sure I got a whole lot out of the session, other than me taking another look at what I want to be 5 years from now. Which I do quite a lot anyway.

I like to plan 5 years out, but I don't really plan my days or weeks. Seems I just like to have an idea on the destination. I don't really care how I get there. I was like that when I was backpacking too. I knew I was going to New Zealand and Australia, but I didn't know what I'd do, or really where I'd go once I was there. I did however, have an amazing time while I was there.

I'm so busy at work today, that I really don't have much of an idea what I am doing, but I have just remembered one of the things I was going to write about.

You may have seen a previous post Song of Happiness: 99 Red Balloons - Or actually 200+ Multicoloured Balloons, about one of my co workers birthdays. Well we had another one last week. It was his birthday on Friday, and he took the day off work.
After some quick discussion regarding what we could do, we decided to clear out his cube and relocate him. It went much better than we could have forseen. We packed up his stuff and moved it to another area, to an empty cube. We then left empty boxes in his "normal" location.
We caused a little havoc, you'll need to scroll to the bottom then work your way up :) ...

From: Michael
I don’t think the hoodlums that moved me there will pay rent so I have retreated to my free cube in the sales neighborhood. I can’t wait for the next person’s birthday!


From: Ingrid
Happy Birthday, Mike! Boy, do I miss the Sales team!!! Nothing like a great prankJ

From: Gregg

Vicious? No. Vicious would have been our original idea of putting the contents of your cube into beer coolers, and floating them out in the lake...

From: Alan

Mike, thanks for applying for the job. I will notify staffing to setup a panel interview. If you are selected for the position you can stay in the cube. In the mean time we will need to charge rent. Since you are from Texas we will be able to give you a special rate of $1000 a day. Please give $500 to Chuck and $500 to Jim each evening.

Chuck/Jim, please deposit in the OM/DL beer fund.

Look forward to you joining the team.


From: Michael
I just assumed that I would be a natural pick for the position!?!?

Actually, it appears that I am the victim here… of a vicious birthday prank!


From: Alan
Hi Mike, seems you have moved into Siva’s old cube. Unfortunately that is an OM/DL cube and will be used for Siva’s replacement. Please can you move out again. We are interviewing now for that position and expect to have it filled by the end of May. If you are looking for a new cube you need to get with Jennifer. She will help find you one.



From: Jennifer

Ok - I didn't move Mike -- HE should be in the cube in the next neighborhood -- next to Tim --

Alan - Would you please talk to him and see what has transpired? and then let me know? Thank you

Jim - Thanks for your help.

From: Jim
On the desk there is a picture of Mike and his wife…

From: Jennifer
Can you confirm who moved in there? If I'm right that cube was ABC11-- at the window - next to Jim --

MY records show it to still be open -- SO if someone has moved in there I wasn't aware of it.

Jim - can you help us here -- did someone move into this cube? Do you know whom? Thank you

From: Alan
Hi Jennifer, Chuck just told me that someone has moved into Siva’s cube. Unfortunately I need that cube for Siva’s replacement.



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