Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Hard Days Night

As you can probably tell from the lack of posts (other than doodle posts) lately, I have not really been around so much. Truth is, I have been working too hard. My normal mantra is “work hard, play harder” but lately its been pretty much just work, work and more work. I have my regular job, and then I have another role that I am doing as a “stretch assignment”, basically an opportunity for me to get some experience in a different area.

On top of that I am kicking off our company ally program part 2, coordinating our company booth for the upcoming Out and Equal Workplace Summit this September. I have a craft fair to attend tomorrow, where I’m going to exhibit some of my items. I recently moved so have spent the past 3 weekends, unpacking, cleaning and shopping. If I am not shopping for shoes, I generally don’t like shopping, so it gets classed as work too. As of this week however I am planning to get my life back on track!

I am really feeling the need to have some fun, as you know from Monday’s post I went out with friends on Friday, and that was fun. Last night it was a friend’s birthday, and we had a surprise birthday party for him. He turned 55, not that you’d believe it, he is still very young at heart. My favourite quote from the night was “oooh, I’m 55, I am slow, I go the same speed as a truck”.

I am not sure what it is at the moment, whether it’s the people I am partying with, or something I am giving off, but I seem to be getting invited to naked hot tub parties, and getting felt up much more than I have done since I graduated from university. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining , just curious as to why all of a sudden.

I get to have some fun again this evening as its Happy Hour day, my favourite day of the week, and I took Friday off work, to celebrate another friend’s birthday with her. Not sure what’s planned yet, but I plan to spend the night dancing my crazy dances at 80’s night.


  1. party and have fun. However, you are such a sweet heart and I feel like your mother when I say this, but please be safe!

  2. I'll be safe. Silly things may happen, but they never get out of hand.
    And its nice to have a mum around, mine is back in the UK.

  3. Did you see what that awful Max did to poor Alison over at BritishSpeak?? Can't somebody DO something about him?? Alison is hopping mad, too!!

  4. I just saw that. He's such a bad boy at times that Maxy.


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