Monday, May 12, 2008

Man Eater

I have been having a serious lack of fun lately, too much work and not enough play makes Caroline a sad sack.

However, on Friday I was able to go out for dinner and a couple of drinks with my friends Meghan and Sandra. Its been a while since we all got together. We used to be good at meeting once a month for girls night, but the 3 of us are so busy. Meghan with her full time job, school and arts and crafts, me with my 2 jobs, ally program and arts and crafts, and Sandra with all her stuffies. We all have boyfriends too, so that doesn't help us on the spare time front.

Anyway, we decided to go have a nice dinner, so we headed to the NW 23rd area, and walked to the first place we saw. The waiter came over with our food menus, and more importantly, the martini menu. There was a martini called a Razz-a-tini, it was impossible for me to say this without doing a small shoulder shrug/jiggle, I am not really sure what it was, but it was amusing. I of course ordered that, with the jiggle. Meghan was after a Mandrini, however when she ordered it, it sounded more like man eater. (Not sure how she managed that, but the waiter nicely picked up on it). Sandra, boringly, order a cosmo. Off he went to make our drinks.

We started the whole catch up stories, the poor waiter had spent quite a long amount of time freshly sqeezing orange juice for some lady while we were busy selecting our drinks, just as he was about to begin ours, she came over and brought it back, it wasn't sweet enough... the poor guy. Needless to say, we then asked for ours to be freshly squeezed, and promised him we wouldn't send it back. Maneater, and freshly squeezed became the buzz words for the evening.

It finally ended up with the waiter telling Meghan that he would add some freshly squeezed man juice to her drink, no sooner did this statement leave his lips, than he went bright red, and declared that "well that didn't come out right!".

Yup, thats what happens when you let the 3 of us out of the house.


  1. Caroline!

    You can't say things like that on your blog! What will people think!

    Come on over to my house and we'll discuss this special juice of yours and how the Martinis tasted. salty?

    Are you blushing Caroline? :)

  2. perhaps I am.

    I was just relaying a story.


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