Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doodle Week - Day 7: Doodle Mad

Today is the last day of doodle week, and this is my final doodle. Its supposed to be mad, I don't think this is really mad, a little crazy perhaps but not mad.
I just like it, so I thought I'd share it.


  1. Dang. Looks like one of those all-day suckers for sure.

    Wait! That's not Little Debbies hypno wheel is it? I better get out of here?


  2. Funny, Max should have stopped by and said that. I was going to say, it doesn't look angry mad, but crazy mad??????

    funny thing about our mad max!

    Have a great weekend. I shall be on a trip, but sending you safety in your adventures and sunshine!

  3. It really did take quite a long time to do, that's part of the reason I thought to post it in the Mad doodle.

    Debbie, as you won't see this till you get back, I hope you had a good trip

  4. Looks cool! It must of taken ages to colour in.

  5. It did, I think it took me most of the day. :)

  6. Because I hadn't coloured in for ages, I had forgotten how relaxing it is :)


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