Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gloomy day but pretty flowers.

I was walking to the bus stop, and its a rainy gloomy day in Portland. I looked over where I was walking, and saw the flowers, even though its a rainy day, there's still a splash of colour, and I know the brighter days are just around the corner.


  1. very pretty, when I first moved to Florida, back in the prehistoric days, there were no flowers. Everything was green. Not that I mind green, but oh how I longed for flowers. Finally, it seems with enough transplants (?) we have flowers growing here.

    Leave it to you to see the flowers even on a gloomy day. that is just who you are.

  2. I suppose so. I love daffodils too, they always remind me of home. Daffodils always made me happy back there, as its a sign of better weather :)

    I love the green too, but green is even better with speckles and patches of other colours, which flowers are able to bring.


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