Thursday, April 16, 2009

Caromie is back in town,

I took a break from my blog for a while. Truth is I have been working quite a bit the past few months, and just didn't have much time to write. Seems things are quieting down a little now, and getting back to "normal". So here I am, back for a while at least.

Its not just that I haven't been writing, I haven't even been reading other peoples blogs much lately. The most I have been able to manage is the odd tweet every now and again. But at least that let people know I was still living.

Life is good at the moment, I still have a job, for now at least, my bf and I managed to patch things up and are getting along really well, we are not living together at the moment, and I am sure that helps. We both need a decent amount of space/time to ourselves. Living together we weren't able to find that balance. Of course, we can't go living in separate places forever, although we have spoken about it. Maybe we could buy two houses in the same street, or even next door to each other... it could be the secret to our success. Seriously though, we are taking things slowly and having a lot of fun.

2009, seems to be the year for weddings. I think we have heard about 5 in the past two months which take places over the next 12 months or so. 4 in the mid west, and 1 back in the UK. I haven't even been to a wedding since I was 16, and now 5 in a year... With some luck these weddings will give me something to write about. I mean every wedding has a story right..?


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