Friday, October 24, 2008

This is all I got...

Two bits of tarmac sitting in a bar.
A green bit of tarmac comes in.
One says, don't go near him, he a cyclepath.


  1. If there was a Groaner Award for Bloggers, you would officially have earned it today.

    Glad to see you are well, even if your humor is not!

  2. Yes I do. I was just trying to cover for you.

  3. perhaps it is a brit thing, but that was

  4. Sage, please don't get Max started on British humour. Honestly, you'll regret it. He lectures me unmercifully.

    Caroline, is there really a fundamental difference between British and American humour? That would be an interesting post.

  5. there is quite a difference between English and American humour, although I think that the gap is closing.

    I had such a hard time when I first moved here as I didn't find American humour all that funny, and when I used my fabulous British humour, people just looked at me as if I'd just escaped from the loony bin.

    I agree that is a good idea for a post... check back soon :)

  6. I can't decide whether to agree with the puntastic or the groaner comment more... ;)


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