Monday, October 20, 2008

Fumbling is Bad

So most of this past weekend was spent with the wbf. Friday night we went out and had a scrumptious dinner with some friends. Saturday, we spent the day being lazy and watching college football. The wbf is a college football junkie. Me, well not so much, for one thing it doesn’t count as football to me. But been as I love him, I am trying to get more into it, and he is also encouraging me to do so. One way that I am getting into it is through the ESPN College Pick’em thingie. I did pretty good last week, but this week not so much, I think I may start to actually have to read a little bit about the teams. I did however watch more of the games with him this weekend than I have done for a while.

This may have been because I was too tired to be doing much of anything else, but we won’t be telling the wbf that, as far as he knows, I just wanted to watch it …

I actually had fun watching the games, which might actually be the strangest thing of all. We watched the Ohio State game, and I actually learnt some things, I already knew that fumbling is bad, but now I know a little bit more about being down… knees and elbows…and footballs, I did say a little bit… I also learnt where brutus stands throughout most of the game, so was able to spot him a couple of times before the wbf did (that is how he keeps me interested, we play spot the mascot)

Well between now and next Saturday I am going to try to learn some more.


  1. It's good you are making an effort to enjoy watching football with him, especially because football games take so long! That's a big chunk of time. I play the office pool so then it makes me more interested to watch the games I picked.

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you. We have a little Brutus that plays the fight song. He sits in front of our upstairs window. Go Bucks! This week should be a good one against Penn State.

  3. Hi Karen. That is great, we don't have any office pools going on, but that would be fun. My bf would love a little fight song brutus. Funny you mention the fight song, the wbf had a moment of pride when I was watching the game on Saturday humming the fight song. I am looking forward to the Penn State game (did I really just type that... wow), as you say, it should be a good one.


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