Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A few of my favourite things.

Today is the wbf’s birthday. I find it quite amusing that his birthday falls on a full moon. Perhaps he’ll turn into a werewolf or something. Now that would give me something to write about – should I survive it of course. Actually, I don’t think it would surprise me all that much, he does appear to be quite grumpy as I would imagine a werewolf would be sometimes.

Well, anyway, as its his birthday today, the two of us celebrated last night. He has to work late today. I baked him some scrummy chocolate chip cookies (his favourite), made dinner, hung some balloons up around the apartment and got us a bottle of champagne to share. We then watched a silly movie – Kenucky Fried Movie. He was adamant that I wouldn’t like it, as he is with all of his “favourite” movies. We he was wrong, I thought it was actually quite funny – although perhaps the champagne helped. Well anyway, I think I made a break through last night. I realized that perhaps he doesn’t want me to like his “favourite” movies, perhaps that somehow taints them. Sort of like when you find out your parents like your “favourite” band, or “favourite” shirt, somehow it’s no longer your “favourite”, in fact somehow you never listen to that band, or wear that shirt again.

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  1. Heh...I wonder if that is true for some...though my husband is adamantly the opposite...if I don't like something he loves he thinks there's something wrong with me--lol


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