Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ah Choo

I am quite happy today. I finally got my new laptop battery, so I am back being friends with my laptop, at least I will be once I re image it. And then I hope to be back to my normal rate of blogging.

I've been off work today. I have really bad allergies, in fact over the past year, the only time I have not had allergy symptoms was during July and August. So today I went back to the docs, to try and figure something out. So now I am off Zyrtec and now taking Allegra. I've been using Zyrtec since I was about 10. So I am curious if Allegra is any different. I also have a couple of lovely nasal sprays to check out. One which is only an antihistamine the other has steroids, but also is supposed to help my eyes. Going to try the antihistamine one first, hopefully it works.

You wouldn't believe how many tissues I have been going through. I have been known to go through a whole large box in a day. I have to get the lotion ones otherwise my nose is super sore.

I am going to be so happy if this works. If not, I am going to try the shots. I am not really a huge fan of shots, and its quite a time commitment to be begin with, but I am willing to give everything a shot (no pun intended).

So that pretty much has been the excitement of the day. Fun life I have isn't it.

So tomorrow I am back at work, sneezing or no sneezing.


  1. Glad to hear your laptop is back in action. Also, thanks for the pic of Cupid having an orgasm. But really, you knew what you were getting into. Portland is the allergy capital of the world. Says so right in their tourism brochure. So you must have known. Except in July and August, when that title goes to Vancouver.

    Vancouver and Belgrade, It think. Then back to Portland in September.

    I think most of your readers also think you are stretching the truth a little about going through a whole box of tissue in one day. Some would even say "lying". But not me.

    Another first today: a blog post which contains the words antihistamine and battery. Congratulations. I am thinking of giving you an award. Probably not, though.*

    *For SURE not.

  2. Wow Max so many comments in your comment.

    Anytime you need a picture of cupid in heaven let me know.

    I suppose I should have known allergies would be bad here, but do they have to be this bad?

    As for the box of tissues in a day, its no lie. I don't know where all that stuff comes from. I don't take in as much fluid as what seems to come out of me through my nose. (I am sure you all needed to know that).

    As for my use of words in my diverse posting - does that surprise you my dear?


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