Wednesday, July 30, 2008

London Calling

Well this is a pointless post. I have been very busy today, and I haven't had a chance to think of anything to write about.

But, it is only 2 weeks till I am back in England. I am going to be spending a couple of nights in London. I've never really spent more than a few hours down there, and I am unsure what I am going to be doing - other than spending a few hours at the consulate.
My family is deciding whether to come with me down there or not, and one of my friends from the Netherlands will be flying out there to spend one night, but that still leaves 2... I have some friends that live there, but I am unsure of their availabilty at the moment.
Well, whatever happens, I'll have fun, I am sure of that.
The other 2 weeks, I'll be spending most of the time up North in Durham, other than a weekend in Wolves... I am so excited, its going to be so great to see everyone again.


  1. Not to worry. You make friends wherever you go. London will be no different. Pehaps you should take Amanda with you. She tends to draw a crowd. So you will be gone a whole month? What the heck are we supposed to do while you're gone?

  2. If you're stuck for a day, hop on a train to Winchester (1 hour) and I'll show you the sights while we dissect the multiple personality disorders of a mutual friend.

  3. Now my family are coming down with me, I am so happy. I am hoping we get to go to a show, I've never been to one.

  4. A. Even if I don't get to make it to Winchester, I think we should still be able to dissect the multiple personality disorders of a mutual friend :)

  5. Sorry you are so busy. They should make you the top dog at that company because you work so hard. Truth. :)


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