Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Wow, seriously, its been almost a week since I posted… I can’t believe it. It really doesn’t feel like that long. The past week has zoomed by. Thursday was a hectic day at work, Friday, well I am not sure what happened to Friday – it just seemed to come and go.

Saturday, was a great day. I ended up at the Flugtag here in Portland. Oh my gosh, it was packed. We ended up just watching it on the big screen, there was far to many people for me to be comfortable and relaxed in a place I’d be able to see it proper. But, even by the big screen there was about 5 thousand people. The people that make those plane (things), and then run and jump into that stinky river, have to be crazy. I am however, pleased they do it, as it is so much fun to watch. I didn’t get many photos, but I did get a couple, and when I get home I’ll get them posted (although that may not be until tomorrow).

After Flugtag, we headed to one of my favourite Portland bars, Kelly’s Olympian for a few bevies and to meet up with the rest of our friends. Kelly’s is a great place to people watch. Every type of person ends up here at some point, and its not just the people watching I like. The owner of the bar, has a motorcycle collection, and there are bikes and other bits of memorabilia hanging from the ceiling and walls.

Later in the evening we went to go see a couple of lasses singing at a local bar, we’ve seen these girls before, and I think they are brilliant, Beth has a great voice. Then, at some point it was time to leave the bar, we watched some Flight of the Concords, at our friends house, then headed home.

Sunday was the normal routine, breakfast, groceries, Sapronos with dinner, however, there was a slight variation when we left the house to head for the Clark County Fair, to see Queensryche – not the music I normally listen to, but it was a whole lot of fun. The people watching was great!

Monday, like Friday is lost in a blur, which takes me to today, which is a relatively normal Tuesday… so that’s the high level account of what happened while I was gone, it went extremely fast.


  1. It sounds like fun, but I'm not sure what it was - people jumping in a stinky river. Did they have to make planes and pretend they were taking off, or what? Your days are always so packed. :)

  2. Gosh, did I not mention the bit about the planes? Yeah, they have to try and take off, and see how far they can get.

  3. Yes, you mentioned the word planes, but I wasn't sure if they were home made or just toys, or if they were dropped from above, or what. Now that I have seen the pictures from your current post, I understand. Reminds me of the Rio Grande Regatta where people make boats out of the dumbest things and race between the northernmost and southernmost bridges in Albuquerque. You are crazy enough to participate in something like that! Not me. :) The river is only about waist deep in most places, so if your boat falls apart there is no danger. Your event with planes sounds like the same sort of goofy spirit as that. :)


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