Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Is The Life lyrics

I am so much like a yoyo at the moment, unfortunately it’s not gravity that is bringing me down. I do a pretty good job of talking myself into a happy confident place, but then something will happen that will send me back down again. I don’t do well with sadness, I really don’t like it (although I am sure that not many people do like being sad). I much prefer to be a happy person, and I am doing my best to get there at the moment.

Well, now that is out of the way… as some of you know I ride the MAX to and from work (not relax max, but the light rail system here in Portland – I have to say that otherwise all kinds of rumours will be bouncing around). Well yesterday was no exception. I was on my way home, thinking about my life (deep stuff you know), and then there was a group of 4 guys who got on to the MAX. It was hard to miss them as you could smell them as soon as they stepped through the doors. I am not sure about the rest of the states, but Portland seems to have a lot of young folk who don’t seem to have homes. This group was one such group. They were a few seats away, and as I zoned out staring out the window, one of them picked up his guitar. They started singing a song, all 4 of them, on the MAX. Now I am sorry, but that sort of thing doesn’t happen everyday. It happens in movies and commercials, but not in real life. I’ve been riding the MAX now for 3 years, and I’ve never seen that before.

The song, what I could catch of it, was a little amusing… something along the lines of “You are what you eat, I am no Golden Arches” of course I wasn’t able to catch much other than the chorus. Well, once the song was done they got off the MAX, and life returned to normal (relatively speaking of course). Now the odd thing to me about this exchange, was no-one on the MAX really acknowledged what was happening, no strange looks, no uncomfortable glances or smiles, everyone just continued with what they were doing, it was as if this sort of thing happens every day. Perhaps it does, just not when I am around.


  1. I would guess that the other rides were trying to control their looks of amazement. You don't expect people to just burst out singing in public. But how delightful that they did! You are lucky!

  2. Of course you ride the MAX practically daily. Nothing to be ashamed about that. Nor was it unusual for you to be thinking about really deep stuff while you were on the MAX. But how unusual to have 4 people on the MAX at once all start to sing! One singing, is quite frequent, I would imagine. But FOUR at once!! That was an interesting story. Thank you.

    PS-have you really been riding the MAX for three years already? Time flies when you are having fun, so they say.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts! :)

  3. Max you have left me practically speechless.

  4. Now Caroline, you KNEW you were asking for that :) :) :)

  5. Caroline, you should know better. You should have spelled it out instead of abbreviations! Max will always win out on that one.

  6. Yeah, t'is true, but I would have been highly disapointed had he not said anything about it.

    I did have to go look up what MAX actually stood for though as I wasn't 100% sure... in case you are interested it is Metropolitan Area Express (it should really be MEA)


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