Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Put on a Happy Face

Although I've had a lot of great girl time the past week, I still feel like I am putting in a lot of effort into keeping a happy face.

I am generally a postive person, and also believe that there's a reason for everything. On top of that its not the first time I've been heart broken, so I know I'll bounce back. I just wish I could get there a little faster. I know its only been a week - patience is not a strength of mine.

I just want to be happy and having fun again. I don't like this sad feeling and I don't like the tears. I know I have to go through this, I just wish I knew what the point of this heart ache crap was. But I don't, nor am I ever likely to

So, in the meantime, you get to read my vents - and my apologies for that.

Good thing is, work is crazy busy this week, which is a great distraction, but my evenings are looking sort of empty until Friday. I need to get them filled up. Sitting at home trying to figure out what to do with myself, is not the way to go just yet.


  1. write 180
    review 120

    you will know the lesson in all of this.
    I too, hate the waiting to figure it out, been there, hate that T-shirt.

  2. the point in heartache is to learn your strengths. Your tolerances. And your limits. Know that you deserve better. And don't settle. By settling, you just open yourself up for another heartache all over again and the lesson was for naught.

    Been there done that. I'll kill my husband if he ever breaks my heart.
    Just don't quote me on that, k?

  3. hi, you have an awesome blog! :-)

    keep in touch.

    James Parmis

  4. James, Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you here again.


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