Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kiss Me

Do you remember your first kiss?

I remember mine, although I was only about 7 at the time (I was an early starter). My dad’s cousin was getting married, and I was a bridesmaid. I had a peach dress – of course, it was the 80’s you know, and white lace gloves. I got through the day carrying my bouquet with me where ever I went. Smiling for the camera, trying to hide the gap in my teeth.

There was a cute boy there, although of course I don’t remember his name, I think it was Darren or Damen or something like that. He was a couple of years older, but I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. Darren (that’s what we’ll call him), was/is my dad’s cousin’s cousin.
The two of us were stood outside in the small back yard waiting for the festivities to be over. Eventually my mum came to get me as they were leaving. Darren asked me if he could give me a kiss goodbye. I bashfully said yes and leaned forward. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips. What I remember is the taste of Kia-Ora. Kia-Ora was a popular orange concentrate when I was a kid, not sure if its still around or not, but that is for sure what he had been drinking that day.
So, he kissed me goodbye and I never saw him again. Which is probably a good thing considering he was a relative.
My next kiss happened many years later, I think I was 14 the next time I kissed a boy.


  1. My god...you did start young. I was literally three times that age (yes, I was of legal drinking age before I kissed a girl...oh, wait, maybe it was a little earlier...maybe I was twenty...).

  2. Yes, it was young.

    Have you since made up for lost time?

  3. aw very sweet :)

    i was 17 before i had my first kiss....i held out for a really long time (not sure why). then came the elf ears comment

  4. I am still impressed with his improvisation skills to come up with that one :)

  5. Still haven't had my first. Still hoping though. :)

  6. I remember, oh what a glorious day it was for the lady lucky enough to have even a chance to press her lips against mine and it was ok for me to.

  7. Max, for some reason I just don't believe you.


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