Thursday, August 14, 2008

See you soon

I was hoping to get a chance to write more today, but things are not going and smoothly as I had planned.

So, I am leaving you in the hands of Max, Damian and A. I hope they take good care of you.

I'll be posting pictures, twittering, and hopefully will write the odd post.

Have fun while I am away - I'll miss you.


OK, things are a bit more settled now.

I decided to take a cab to the airport instead of the MAX, been as they are doing work on the tracks, and I have no idea how long it will take.

My stupid blackberry wasn't working this morning, but that seems to have fixed itself now, so that makes me happy.

I am all packed, and am now just tidying up the house before I leave. Its really hot here today, but raining in the UK. The heat is the other reason I decided to take a cab. I didn't really feel like carrying my bags half a mile in this weather, I'd get all hot and sticky.
So watch out Shotley, I'll be there soon :)


  1. be safe, get pampered by your mom and hurry back to us! I can't wait to hear what good things are beginning for you now.

  2. Have a wonderful time Caroline!

  3. I am having a great time so far. Had two wonderful home cooked meals by mum.

    I was actually able to sleep last night too, so I am hoping I won't be hit by jet lag too hard :)

  4. Have a wonderful time, and yes get spoiled. I will miss you honey.

  5. Home cooked meals by Mum. Mmmmm! Well, you must've eaten at least ONCE by now - what was it? (I had asked her not to mess up your diet too quickly, so I'm hoping it was a burger and fries. Tomorrow you may have something English. No YP yet, though. :)

    (And don't think I haven't noticed you are already putting extra needless "U's" in your words, too. :)


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