Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Let The Dog(s) Out

So you may remember an earlier post about my cat rescue… well seems I get it all from my mum.

I spoke to my mother yesterday, seems she had quite an exciting week. First with a bird rescue, she ended up dropping the bird off at the vets, after keeping it in the house overnight. The following day, as she was driving my brother somewhere, and running a little late, she saw a dog on the road. She pulled the car over, and got out to get the dog. My brother, being the teenage boy that he is, was making a little fun out of my mum for doing so. Her response was, she couldn’t leave a dog on the road, as it might get hit. – this is a live dog by the way, if you hadn’t figured that out already.

Well they were already a little late for wherever they were headed, so my mum drove to the local police office to drop the dog off, only to be informed that the town police office no longer accepts lost dogs (doh!), so she’d have to take it to another police office. Well she didn’t have time for that right then, so instead she took the job to our old neighbours (old as in they used to be our neighbours, not as in their age). They agreed to take the dog to the vets to check for a microchip, while my mum took my brother to where ever it was that they were supposed to be.

Turns out one of my brothers friends was also in the car, so they had to drop him off somewhere so he could walk home (apparently he had offered that as a solution, so they would gain some time). After getting to wherever they were supposed to be, they then made their way back home, and picked the dog up from the neighbours on the way. As she was driving through the village, she saw someone who she thought might know who’s dog it was. He suggested that it could be Sarah’s dog down the street, so off my mum went to Sarah’s house. Well it wasn’t Sarah’s dog, but Sarah’s boyfriend thought it might be David’s dog, who lives at the end of the street. So back in the car they went.

The dog then jumped into the front of the car, which startled my mum, so they so they again pulled over, and my brother attempted to get the dog into the back of the car. All of a sudden the dog ran off down the street… there was a couple of lads walking towards the dog… turns out they were his owners. My mum was quite relieved.

Once she got home, she found out from my dad that the vets had called, so she called them back, to check that she’d given the dog to the right folks, turns out that she had. Thank goodness. The lady at the vets also said, that name sounds familiar, my mum then mentioned that she’d dropped a bird off there the previous day…

My dad’s response to all this was “I knew you were up to something, but I had to idea what”.


  1. Hereditary. I knew it. I still say you're a softy. (That's a good thing.) :)


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