Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Friday

Last Friday I headed up to Mt St Helens with the wbf and his dad.
It was such a gorgeous day.
Beaver Lodge - first time I've ever seen one of these.

Beaver Dam - Also the first I have ever seen.

A view of the mountain taken from the hummocks.


  1. Isn't it amazing how the surrounding countryside has come back? I know you didn't see it at the time, but you probably saw the pictures that looked like a lunar landscape right after the event. See what happens if we just let nature take her course? Good things, usually. Strangely, this is true with forest fires as well.

  2. It is extremely amazing, and only in 27 years. The area that some of the photos were taken at, looked like the surface of the moon just a few years ago.

    So beautiful.

  3. That looks very very cool, I hope you are planning to go back and take even more photos :)

  4. I have lots more photos of this place, it is gorgeous St Helens . But I will no doubt be back again before long.


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