Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Solstice

I had such a pleasant weekend. It was very low key. Friday, I ended up going to bed early (I am starting to get old, being in bed before 11pm on a Friday, not sure what's up with me). Saturday we got up and went out to get breakfast (we try and get up before 10am every weekend day, so we can go out and get a scrumy breakfast) before getting our weekend errands out of the way.

We spent the rest of the day being lazy.

A friend of ours was having a Summer Solstice party Saturday night, so we headed over there.

It was a lot of fun, they have a pool in their backyard, and had lit the yard up with lots of candles. We drank, and chatted then had a swim in the pool for a bit.

I met some really great people, and had conversations about all types of things. I really do enjoy meeting new people and learning about their stories. I love to hear the different points of view that people have. We got talking about luck. Did you know that statistically certain birth months are luckier than others. Apparently May and July are the luckiest… I was born in July, and I have to admit, I do think of myself as being a lucky person. This comes from a book called Quirkology. It caused quite a discussion. I believe that people create their own luck to some extent, I also believe people have more influence over their bad luck than their good luck. I think far to many people attribute poor decision making to bad luck, as they don’t want to take responsibility for the decision’s they make. But that is just my opinion.

We also got talking about the “Book of Questions”. I’d never heard of this things, but turns out I was the only one at the party who hadn’t. People started rattling off questions, it was quite fun to see the different ways people would respond to a situation.

The intent of the party was to celebrate Summer Solstice. I am not pagen, nor were most of the people at the party, but I think it was a great excuse for a party. We were not the only ones to be celebrating. Back in the UK thousands of people gathered together at Stonehenge to celebrate.

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