Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I am in the cafeteria at work again today, and its freezing. Doesn’t help that I was soaked by the wonderful Oregon rain this morning, and my jeans are still wet around the ankles.

The rain doesn’t really bother me a whole lot, after all I am from England, so I am sort of used to it, I just don’t like being cold. I should have brought my blanket in from home, and a heater, and perhaps a hot water bottle. As I already said, I am in the cafeteria, and am sitting right by the windows and doors, so just as I get warmed up a little bit, someone goes and opens a door, and I get a draught again. Not the good type of draught either, I’m telling you a beer would be great right now, even if it is only 9:50am… its noon somewhere right!

I have decided I’m going shopping tonight, I want some new shoes, I haven’t bought any new shoes yet this year, which is quite crazy, as normally I am buying a pair every month, not sure what’s been going on. Oh, now I think about it, I’ve been on a bit of a jewelry kick this year, that’s where my $’s have been going. I’m thinking of buying some flats, I don’t actually own any, I normally wear heels or trainers. I really want some green ones.

I started looking online just now for some green flats, and I have seen a bunch of green heels that I like… might have to do both, and why are all the ones I really like so expensive… I must have expensive taste…

Just got an email from my mum this morning, and looks like they are buying a new home… it looks really nice. Now I am even more excited about my trip over there this summer! I added a countdown at the bottom of my blog, that’s how excited I am.


  1. I like your shoes! I like to buy shoes also

  2. Shoes, shoes, shoes, I love shoes....
    I do hypnosis in trade for shoes....

    shoe therapy, that's it!


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