Monday, June 9, 2008

Crash(ing good time)

What with the new job and getting the apartment sorted out ready for the wbf’s father arriving this week, I really have been neglecting my blog.

I’ve actually been quite disconnected from the rest of the world the past week. For one thing my cell phone hardly works, the battery lasts for all of about 30 mins, I can’t access text messages or my phonebook. It’s quite pathetic. I am waiting on getting a blackberry through work, which should be here this week, then things will get better. I’ll even be able to write and post blog posts from it, so I’ll have no excuse.

As well as my phone not working, I haven’t really be logged in much from home the past week, I have no idea why, I just was busy doing other things I suppose. Its not that things were especially busy last week, but the new job really had me tired out.

The weekend was spent running errands and spending time with friends, so it was both productive and fun. Friday we had happy hour with some friends from work. We went a place that I am pretty sure I’ll not go to again. It was one of those places that likes to mix strange ingredients together, but it doesn’t really work. Instead of having Bloody Mary on the menu, they had Anemic Mary… made with celery juice rather than tomato… they had a vodka cocktail made with lavender… I am ok with trying new combinations, but these really didn’t taste good.

Saturday, we managed to get up at a decent time, went for breakfast then headed on to IKEA, we needed to buy a sofa bed/futon for our guest bedroom before his dad arrives. We found the one we were looking for, as well as a couple of things to help us out with storage. This Saturday was the Rose Festival in Portland, and we wanted to do our best to avoid the downtown craziness, so we then did a couple of other errands before going back home to take a nap and sort out our purchases.

We had plans to go out for dinner with our neighbour and his friend, we headed out to a place called the Kennedy School, it’s a really cool bar/restaurant. It is a school building which has been made into a hotel, restaurant and bar. The school itself shut down in 1975 due to the poor condition of the building and the cost to put it back into shape. I am not sure when the hotel opened, but it was a lot of fun walking around. Some of the classrooms are hotel rooms, others are bars, or function rooms. We ate dinner then headed back to our neighbours, for a couple more drinks. We always end up there until late, time just seems to disappear when we are with our neighbour. We had a blast though, I haven’t laughed so much in such a long time.

Sunday, didn’t really get off to a good start, we went to Goodwill to drop off some stuff, and as we pulled out of the parking space, the wbf and the guy in the space behind us pulled out at the same time, and the wbf’s car took the brunt of the damage. The tail-light is smashed, the bumper has a bump in it, and the trunk is now misaligned. Not much fun really…

The rest of the day was spent cleaning house, then we did our regular Sunday Soprano’s Session, we started season 2 yesterday. I am really getting into it, Tony’s mum really is a piece of work.

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