Friday, September 26, 2008

National Park(ing) Day

Last friday was National Park(ing) Day. The premise of this is promote more parking within cities. Portland has more than 34 acres of space dedicated to metered parking, the opportunity last Friday was taken to claim back some of this space for the day and turn it into parks.

I went to go check some of it out. It was fun.


  1. This brings up an even bigger problem of even letting cars into the inner city of larger cities anymore, you know? They just sit there at stop lights and waste gas anyway. I think the time has finally come to let go of our desire to have our own little private metal box that we drive around in all by ourself. I saw some of the worst traffic jams (miles and miles of 2 lane highways completely at a standstill) during a recent trip to Cape Cod, caused by the infamous Bourn Rotary. And it is simply everywhere you look in and near large cities. And this doesn't even take into consideration the space it takes to park them (as your post notes) that could be better used for humans. And what about huge parking garages? - what if there were green space for humans there instead? Rant rant rant. At the very least, we could make some large parking areas outside large cities and force people to take buses or light rail into the actual downtown area. What the heck is wrong with that?? London makes a charge, or did, for the privilege of driving your private car into the inner city. That isn't the answer. People will pay it. Just ban cars there. Imagine walking around downtown London without cars! How cool would that be?

  2. Well I don't own a car, nor do I know how to drive one, and I seem to get around just fine.

  3. London does have a congestion charge, and it has made a considerable difference to the traffic jams. Other cities have since followed suit. Part of the trouble is that there is no really viable alternative a lot of the time. The train fare to London from where I live, an off peak return, is in the region of £27, so if there are two of you it becomes expensive. If you want to travel early, it's almost £50 each, so if you can take a car you will. No congestion charge is going to overcome that.

  4. I meant, what if there were no need for parking areas all the time, instead of just on a day like that one. Think of all the extra green space (and fuel saved).


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