Monday, September 22, 2008


I didn't post anything this weekend as my laptop is acting up. It's going so slow, and most of the time won't even load the page I want. I am feeling very frustrated. Oh well...

My weekend was fun, had a get together with some friends on Saturday, so saturday morning was spent getting the house cleaned up. People started showing up at my place at about 6:30, and we hung out there for a while, before heading out into Portland. We did a mini pub-crawl, it was fun, but I drank a little too much.

I have this thing when I am drunk, and I get the urge to take either a bath or shower. It's a sure sign that I've had too much. Well, this saturday fit the bill. I get home, and while brushing my teeth I can't help but think about how nice a shower would be. So I take a drunken shower. I have no clue what causes this urge, but it happens.

Sunday, was very lazy, laid in bed most of the day, watched a couple of movies, and that was about it.

Unfortunately, with this being a Monday I am back at work, and being driven crazy by my slow and horrid laptop. I'd throw it out of the window except then I wouldn't even be able to pretend to do any work. I had one of the IT guys out to take a look at it, he changed a few settings, but of course that hasn't made much difference, other than now I can't even check my bank balance via online banking. Facebook won't function at all - much to my dismay, as I am a facebook addict. I am sure in the grand scheme of things, non of this really matters, but it does matter to me right now.
... and now I have just seen what my "quote of the day" is... how appropriate, even if it is from one of my least favourite people.


  1. I just went through a complete hard disk erase do to a virus. Looks like that fun is in your future as well. :(

  2. yeah, I was a little worried I would have to do that, however it seems to be going better today. I ran a few scans last night, and a bunch of other things, and it's looking much happier now. *fingers crossed.


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