Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Make New Friends

I saw a friend of mine last night. She is such a fantastic person.

Have you ever met someone and after 5 minutes, you feel like you've known the person forever. I had that with this friend. I met her when I moved into a new job last year.

It wasn't my favourite job, it was a large department, with many talented individuals, but not a lot of team spirit. As I moved into the group, I was pretty much on my own. My manager at the time was too busy to introduce me to anyone, so I did that myself. In that process I met her.

She was/is my rock. She is so positive, smart, together and fun. We bonded right away, and helped each other navigate the challenges of this department. She also was there for me as I got out of my engagement.

Although she has had many of her own challenges over the past year, she keeps on smiling, and keeps a positive outlook. Ensuring that she makes the best of the situation. Well, in a month or 2 she is going to be moving away to the mid-west. I am excited for her and her husband for the opportunities. But I am going to miss her so much.

My Nana had a embrodery stitch thing in her house, which said:
"Make new friends
but keep the old
the new are silver
the old are gold"

I believe this is also a song, which I vaguely remember singing at camp. I brought this up with my friend as we were discussing her move, and she remembered singing it at camp too.


  1. You remember correctly. I learned the same song at Girl Scout camp when I was young.

  2. Aparently it was a song sung in both the UK and USA then.

  3. I don't remember that song, probably because I left scouts/guides before I was allowed to go on camps.

    Its a great saying though.

    She sounds like a great friend :)

  4. She is fabulous. I am going to miss her so much - but her moving does mean I have a place to stay when I go visit Chicago!

  5. Claire... why didn't they allow you to go on camps... were you a trouble maker?

  6. Heh, I probably would of been a trouble maker if I stayed! Hanging around the park an drinking cider just had more appeal at the time :)

  7. Claire, I can understand that. I think I only went to camp as a brownie, so I was far too young to be drinking. I didn't make it to girl scouts for the same reason you list...

    We used to hang out at the top of Church Bank with our white lightening or 20/20... gosh, that was a looooong time ago. Well we did, until my parents made their basement available to us.

  8. I had a friend like that. Only we weren't in Girl Scouts. And we didn't sing, I don't think. And we weren't girls. And I didn't know my Nanas. But, somehow, I identify with what you wrote. :)


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