Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday Night

I didn’t get to post anything yesterday, as I was tired from the night before. The wbf and his housemates had a party on Saturday night. I headed over there in the early afternoon to help them get set up, although in the end I didn’t really do much, I just observed. It turned out to be a really fun night.

One of his housemates is in a band (the same band I went to see on Wednesday), so there was an all night jamming session going on in the basement. It was so much fun! They were great. Especially considering that most of them hadn’t met each other till that night, and certainly hadn’t played together before. I love going to parties at this house. There’s 4 guys living here including my wbf, and it is very much like a fraternity house. When there is a party here, there is such a wide range of people who show up, professionals, artists, musicians, models, unemployed, the 20 something’s and the 50 something’s. The conversations are interesting in so many ways, either because they are life stories, or just plain weird.

I was dancing away to the music, and my wbf comes over, seems we’d been invited to go to a hot tub at someone’s house… I looked at him, and said “hot tub”?, he said “yes”. I was confused, my thoughts ranged from a hot tub, is that a bar near here, or do they mean a proper hot tub. I don’t even know these people, what will I wear, I only have what I am wearing now… oh that’s the point, they don’t want me to wear anything… then I looked at my wbf, and said “erm, no thanks, not today! I am not really into people seeing my wobbly bits”. He just laughed, he knew what I’d say, but thought I’d get a kick out of it. I am quite a shy girl you know.
I went back to my dancing.

I then met a lovely couple outside, they’ve been married for 34 years, and are still very much in love. They were adorable.

It turned out to be a late night, I think we got to sleep about 5am, and typically, woke up at 9:30. The place was a mess, beer bottles, plates, glasses, food everywhere. However, with 4 people helping out, the clean up went pretty quick. The wbf and I then headed over to my place, and watched Manhatten, a Woody Allen movie. It was a nice lazy day.


  1. You should have gone to the hot tub!!!!!! Damn, girl!
    I wanna read that story. :-)

  2. Bless you my child. Please do not listen to that evil orange distraction. She is of the devil. You did the right and pure thing by not sharing your jiggly bits. I have stopped by to inform you what a Kitchen Roll is called in this country if you would like to know.

    It is too bad M killed Max off because he really had the hots for Caroline. Not as much as for M, but a very lot.

  3. @ marmelade, you know I was thinking that ever since the moment passed... maybe next time.

    @ vicar ezra, well hello there. Thank you for stopping by. I would indeed like to know what kitchen paper i mean kitchen roll is called in this country. maybe I'll finally remember.

    Max had it coming.

  4. A kitchen roll-and this is according to the words of the late puppy called Maxwell, and certainly not the words of my own choosing, I hope you understand--A Kitchen Roll, Max says, is when you "fuck around on the floor of the room where you cook". This is, I believe, closely akin to "having a roll in the kitchen". I hope this explains the term to your satisfaction, as I am rather too embarrassed to repeat it. Good evening, young Miss.

  5. Well what Maxy said is certainly not what I was referring too, although you'd probably need some kitchen roll after all that tom-foolery.

  6. Caroline, Max turned out to be alive and kicking after all. He was just hiding from Marmelade, as he broke her heart with a careless remark.

    He did make it up to her, although he still needs to prove himself worthy if he wants to gain her trust again.

    Now Max, please be kind to Lady Caroline, she is the sweetest thing. We love her and we want her to stick around.

  7. Naughty Max. But I am pleased he is still alive!


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