Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Roll with It

This is my 10th post to this blog, and I am about ready to add a bog roll, i mean blog roll.

However, I am not sure who is worthy... so nominations please, feel free to nominate yourself.

I of course get to pick who goes on the list...

I love the feeling of power!


  1. Clearly no list is complete with Canucklehead! However, since beggars can clearly be choosers, I ask only for a little distance between myself and Relax Max. I find he is not quite relaxed enough for my liking in the ass-grabbing department. Cheers!

  2. @ marmelade, good choices. I alsot think you will appear here too, as I read your blog daily, and you were modest enough not to nominate yourself.

    @ canucklehead, are you sure you don't want to be right ontop of Max? I heard you like that, or was it the otherway around.

  3. I say, just make a list of your friends. It would be a very long list, but what the heck.

    And if you sort them by order of how highly these friends esteem you, I'll be at the very top! :)

  4. no sorting of friends for me.

    But a list of all my friends is more than likely what I will end up doing, I just thought I'd see how competitive you all are.

  5. thanks. you are on my blogroll since the very first :-)

  6. Many thanks for the addition of my (completely wondrous and incredibly spectacular) self to your blog roll!

    Clearly, you have impeccable taste.

    I shall endeavour to return the gesture very soon, m'dear!



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