Monday, November 24, 2008


 While I am doing my writing class, I am sorry, but you are stuck with reading some of my assignments :)

I have a candle lit near my computer, this one was a birthday gift from a friend, called tense lady formula, I must have been stressed out that time of year, for he must have felt I needed some help to unwind, there's not much of it left. Its warm flickering light distracts my eye from the screen, grabbing my attention. There must be a draft in my room as it bounces around casting shadows on the white walls and curtains, sharing its warm yellow glow with them. As the wax starts to melt I can smell the gentle lavender fragrance, it's subtle, but if I breathe in I notice it. Lavender reminds me of my mother's garden back home, there is so much lavender growing there, it almost takes over. In a while the wax will start to drip down the sides of the candle, as if it's trying to escape, each droplet running over the previous in an attempt to get away, but there is no where for it to go other than to the base of the votive holder, where the flame will catch up to it eventually.


  1. Well worded, and evokes a sense of being there with you as you see the wax dripping down the candles sides

  2. Very descriptive. I'm not sure you need this class.

  3. @ Anthony, Sage and Max: thank you. I had fun writing this the words just seemed to flow. I do need a writing class though max, even if its just for the sake of building my confidence.


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