Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sepia Saturday

For this week the choice of theme for Sepia Saturday is little girls, Spain, holidays or ... whatever.  As I am on holiday in Vegas this weekend...
Photo credit is to: Vintage Vegas on Flickr

I love old town vegas, and will actually be staying at the Golden Nugget this weekend.  I've only been to Las Vegas once before, and I fell in love with the vintage feel of downtown.  Even though it has grown over the decades, I love the way that the new is combined with the old.

Looking at this picture I can just imagine the types of things that went on in Vegas back in the day.  Of course no one will ever know for sure.  After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The Golden Nugget opened in 1946. It was the first structure designed from the ground up to be a casino. Steve Wynn took it over in 1972 and built the first tower in 1977. The hotel now has 1,900 rooms.   Also in 1946 the Eldorado was built, Benny Binion purchases the Eldorado Club in 1951 and renames it the Horseshoe. It is currently owned and operated by his son, Jack Binion.   It was the first casino to have carpeting and comps available to all gamblers.

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  1. Oh lucky you! This is one of my favorite towns! I have bought several books from there with all the old photos and history, and my last trip this year got another old postcard book! Try to see the old Graveyard for the old signs/electric billboards (it's right downtown) and be sure to visit Red Rock Canyon and Spring Mountain Ranch (Howard Hughes was one owner) and eat at the Bonnie Springs Ranch....if you have's well worth it!

  2. I wish Vegas had stayed the way it was in the past where the seediness was right on the surface and not hidden behind all the bells and whistles of today. Last time I was there I remember seeing a hooker with an attitude strut through a casino that has only been matched by one I saw In Times Square NY. Vegas is a most unusual place.

  3. It was a great trip. I really do like looking at all the old historical pieces of Vegas, and trying to imagine what it would have been like back then.

    @Karen, I will add those to the things to see next trip. I didn't see your comment in time.

    I agree with you Tattered and Lost, if the seediness could be hidden at least a little.


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