Friday, August 26, 2011


I always thought I'd grow old gracefully.  I thought I would great the wrinkles and grey hairs with dignity.  After all they add character.  They are evidence of my expressions.

I loved my Nana's wrinkles.  The way her forehead rippled when she laughed.  There was one particular day that I remember.  It was not long before she passed on.  We were out in the car with my mum, taking a day trip out to the country.  I was drinking a can of lemonade Tango.  My Nana looked over and requested to have some.  I of course shared willingly, but let her now that it was a bit sour. Nana didn't care about that, so she took the can, took a swig, then all of a sudden her whole face wrinkled up.  I became aware of more wrinkles than I 'd ever seen on her before.  I started to giggle.  Then she also started to laugh, and her face again changed.
At that point in time I had nothing against wrinkles.

Now, time to fast forward 16 years later.  Well I woke up the day after my wedding day, and woe and behold, yes my first wrinkles. I can't decide if its wedding planning that did it to me, or if you just get them when you become a wife.  Maybe its an unwritten part of the vows.

"I vow to obtain wrinkles.  I, (insert bride's name) take you, (insert grooms's name), for my lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward,  for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part. "

I have one, that is becoming like the Grand Canyon on my forehead.  It took a while to realise what had caused it.  It's not a frown line, its not a smile line.   But then, with some work, I figured out what it is from.  My husband is about 6ft 7, I am 5ft 3, I spend a lot of time looking up towards him.  Sometimes I don't tilt my head, and yep, that's where the wrinkles are from.  They are actually from my husband.

I am trying to accept them, its more tolerance than acceptance right now, as I know they are here to stay, and before long there will even be more wrinkles moving in.  I just thought/hoped they would come later.  There is really very little graceful about wrinkles.

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