Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday Morning

One of the best things about my new home is the view. The picture taken above was taken from my balcony. I have this view from my dinning room, living room and bedroom. I feel very lucky.
You have no ideas how many photos of Mt Hood I have been taking lately.
With the good weather we've been having lately, there have been some fantastic views, sunsets and sunrises.
The above was yesterdays sunrise.


  1. That is one gorgeous view, and if I woke up to that I would be extremely happy...

  2. That is incredible. I don't know how you get to work with a view like that at home!

  3. @ Sage, it does make me very happy. I wake up to the orange glow through the curtains, and jump up to open them, so I can see.

    @ A. Its very hard to leave with that view, I have been working from home a little more than normal :)

  4. That's just gorgeous!

    We're really lucky where I live and also get some lovely sunrises and sunsets.


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